You better Belize it!

The Belize group’s orientation at Clarissa Falls was a time for group bonding, self reflection, and exploration.

After starting off the week with a full orientation at Clarissa Falls, the group  heads to 7 Miles/El Progresso, their host community. During the last week the group spent time getting know each other, forming group norms, discussing important values, goals, fears and sharing about their lives at home. Through group activities such as canoeing through the Barton Creek Caves, hiking to mayan ruins, and tubing down the river that flows past Clarissa’s fall, the group has enjoyed adventuring through Belize. Back at their temporary home of Clarissa Falls, the group’s favorite past time seems to be playing various forms of tag, we hope they can bring these games to 7 Miles/El Progresso!

The group is ready for their next experience, the homestay! While everyone is a bit nervous, they will be settling into a new routine, in their new host family’s homes today. The community is very excited to welcome the group.

We will post more updates soon. Make sure to check out Facebook for photos!









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