Good news on our first travel day

Three programs out and two to go!

Great news from the Global Routes headquarters this morning.

Ecuador spent their first night as a group in-country, and is currently en route to Otavalo, where orientation today will include a waterfall hike and museum visit. Nepal just took off on the last leg of their flight from Dubai to Kathmandu, where Dan is awaiting their arrival with local contacts. Tanzania recently landed in Dar Es Salaam, from where they will make a last domestic connection to Arusha.

Meanwhile, in Costa Rica, the streets flooded with celebration yesterday as Costa Rica made history as the first Central American team to make the World Cup quarterfinals. Max snagged this shot during his program preparations:

photo (4)

¡Vamos ticos!


More news soon on Belize and Costa Rica, who will be taking off from New York in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Here at the GR office, we are looking forward to a fantastic summer ahead, and a hopeful World Cup advancement for Costa Rica!

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