Meet our Costa Rica co-leaders CHELSEA and MAX!

Chelsea and Max, freshly arrived at camp, are already getting enthusiastic about their upcoming trip to Costa Rica. Meet this awesome co-leader team as they make their final preparations for the summer ahead.

CHELSEA MUIR is a California native, soccer aficionado, Rioplatense Spanish speaker, and storytelling enthusiast who most recently worked for a private school in Santa Cruz. Her studies abroad took her to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she forged a deep connection with her host family and learned about the transformative power of international travel. Back at Pomona College, from which she holds a B.A. in Public Policy, Chelsea won a prize in creative writing and led the girls’ soccer team as captain. Returning to Argentina after graduation, she taught English, made friends from all over the world, and backpacked across South America. Later, she traveled with her sister to Indonesia to teach English and work at a maternal health clinic. Chelsea’s next adventure will bring her to the Dominican Republic on a Princeton in Latin America fellowship. We are absolutely delighted to have her on board with Global Routes this year!



MAX MOR is a former camper and staff member of Windsor Mountain International Summer Camp (our sister organization in Windsor, NH) and has led four back-to-back summers abroad Windsor Mountain Student Travel: two to the Caribbean and two to Peru. He has worked as a outdoor educator in Texas, a rock climbing instructor in Boston, and a marketing director and researcher for a nanotechnology developer in Southern Massachusetts. Max has also traveled to Ecuador and taught English in Peru, where he gained Spanish fluency. Currently, Max is a student at Brown University, where is is finishing his BA in Technology Management. His interests lie in music, more specifically in hip hop production, rock climbing (he has intentions of training in Thailand this winter), and scratching his insatiable travel itch. Max has a tremendous wealth of leadership experience and we are so fortunate to have him on our team this summer.



PS Both Chelsea and Max are really excited about Costa Rica’s famous tree frogs! Did you know what Costa Rica is home to 133 known species of frogs and toads?




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