An update from Zanzibar!

After an amazing last week in Olorien the group is now enjoying travels throughout Zanzibar. First a little bit about the group’s last few days in the community. Everyone worked on the project right through until Friday, and then the students enjoyed the weekends with their homestay families. In addition to spending time with their families the whole community came together in celebration of the wonderful exchange over the last several weeks. Students both from Olorien and Global Routes performed for one another, several adults in the community gave speeches and everyone feasted on a delicious shared meal.

As the group traveled to Zanzibar the leaders noted they began reflecting on their time in Olorien. Everyone is realizing how much they learned from each other, their homestays and their time on the service site. Now in Zanzibar the group is exploring this fascinating island and enjoying many snorkeling spots! The group spent yesterday exploring Prison island and spending time with the Giant Tortoises as the island is a sanctuary for these species. The group also relished in an afternoon at the beach, including a lunch of samosas, chipatti, fresh pineapples and oranges, swimming and spending time together- quite a nice way to spend an afternoon!

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