Update from Ecuador Amazon!

The group had a fantastic last week in the community of Rosa Elvira. They worked hard to bring the bridge to a point of near completion! The middle pillar was set, the cables were strung and thus the ramp was created. All that is left for the community to finish is to lay the planks. The community celebrated the bridge with a ceremony including some of the local government officials, including representatives from the departments of the Interior and Health. In a debrief about the community staylast night once the group reached Banos, everyone commented on the communities’ display of raw and true emotion of gratitude to the group for helping to make this bridge a reality!

In addition to helping to bring the project near completion, the group celebrated their last week in the community with group activities, including baking a cake altogether with one of the host families and spending time together with the community in the central plaza! The host families showed their appreciation and care for the students by going above and beyond with preparing meals and helping students with their laundry this week! On the last night the community all joined in the plaza and the local radio station even showed up! Molly and David enjoyed their radio and spoke about the group’s visit and purpose.

Today the group is enjoying their very nice accommodations in Banos and are going to try to visit some hot springs. The group will also celebrate Adele’s birthday and exploring Banos. Tomorrow they head to Misahualli and get ready for their jungle trip!

Molly said she would try to send photos soon, we will post them as soon as she sends them along!

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