Ecuador Amazon – news from Rosa Elvira!

Greetings from Ecuador,

The group has just finished their first week in their host community, Rosa Elvira living in homestays and working on the bridge project.  According to Molly and David this is a group of “Rock Stars”!  Spirits are high, as they immerse themselves into their community and get to know their host families.  The group has been overwhelmed by how welcoming the community has been.  They have made great progress with their project of building a bridge to connect the village to the school, a project the community has wanted to complete for nearly a decade!   They currently have the central pillar of the bridge nearly complete, standing at approximately 4 meters, with about another meter to go.  There are other support pillars that also been completed.  Students have been moving rocks, mixing cement and learning the basic of bridge engineering!

This weekend the group will head to San Luis de Pambil to stay at our community coordinator, Raul’s, house, where they will camp in tents and enjoy some R&R.  The group will be cooking dinner on Saturday so therefor a trip to the supermarket is on the schedule in order to prepare for the meal.  They also hope to play some volleyball, listen to local music, take a swim in the river and perhaps make a fire.

The group hopes to upload photos this weekend, but in the meantime, here are some short student updates.

Jake and Sidd have been getting to know their host mother and her cooking abilities.  This week chicken was on the menu, which meant butchering, preparing and cooking a rooster from the yard! Jake and Sidd were able to observe this process and take in another part of Ecuadorian culture!

Katie and Adele have been having a wonderful time getting to know their host family and recently painted their host sister nails.  Tie-dying is on the schedule for next week.

Amelia and Nora have been bonding with their host family by teaching them their favorite card games.

Jacob and Owen found their way to the local park and have been playing soccer and other games with the local children.

Ali and Ana’s host family recently had a “real shower” installed, so after “conquering the shower” a term the group has come up with for mastering a bucket shower, these girls now can enjoy a real shower! They also have taught several English lessons this week!

Becky and Emma attempted to cook their host family desert the other night, but unfortunately had a run in with the oven.  While the desert may have not come out as planned they were able to bond with the host mother and get some good laughs in!

Natalie, Lauren and Alex reportedly conquered the critters of the night and now are fearless! They also have been having a blast playing with the local children. Molly and David reported that the children love chasing them around and playing games with the girls.

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