Final moments in the village…and moving into final travel

Namaste from Bhaktapur!  

Our group has completed a full 2 weeks in Kakane Dovan, our village- named after the place where 2 rivers meet.  In those 2 weeks, our students have become members of their extended families, eaten a profound amount of Daal Bhaat Tarkari (Rice with Lentils and Curry Vegetables) and always been offered Torai Torai….just a little bit more 🙂  We have seen the new school change from vision to reality.  Each day we have moved rock and mud working alongside local villagers and completed the school from the foundation to the roof.  Each classroom will have space for 15 students each.  Rain or shine (and in our case usually both in the same day) we have been delighted to make this project happen.  Also we have painted a giant world map mural inside one of the primary school classrooms, our Global Routes tree on the outside of the school as well as a beautiful Buddha head Mural which the villagers were completely amazed by.

Below are reflections from our students about something special theylearned while living in the village…

Ian- The villagers all have a worry free and happy mentality.  I have learned to ask myself what is the meaning of happiness?  Material possessions or what is inside?

Lonya- I have learned to not worry so much about the comforts I am used to.

Sophia- The whole family works together.  At my home in the US, I would like to learn to work  more like a family.

Kelly- The villagers in general are so thoughtful… everyone looks out for each other.

Madison- I have learned to go with teh flow.  One day I couldn’t wash my underwear, but then I realized that day my family had extra water to spare.

Valentin- I realize how important it is to take advantage of family and friends while they are there.  Some of the family I stayed with in the village was sick or some members were already dead.

Caleb- I have learned how important little things are like smiling and dancing with children

Michelle- When it’s raining and the work isn’t finished you can still smile.

Dan- Every thing they have, they use.  I always thought to be happy means to be successful… but that’s not true.  they made the most of every moment and always seemed to live really happy lives.

In other news…

We are now completing our stay in Bhaktapur, a historic city with many old temples.  Today we woke up at 5am and hiked to the Surya Binak temple and offered bananas or prasad to Ganesha.  Ringing bells, incense, and handmade candles were all among what local Nepali people brought as offering.  

Daniel and Alissa, and the GR 2012 Nepal crew!!!

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