Final celebration and village farewell

Greetings from Zanzibar!! Before we get ahead of ourselves and start describing our new adventure, we have a couple student “Publicists” who’ve written reports for our last days in the village:

7/27 Sophen
Luisa led us on our last day on the worksite. The day was relaxing as we finalized the mural and bathroom projects. For me it was also a sad day as nostalgia set in as I reflected on the amazing friendships and relationships that blossomed. The day came to a close for me with the brightest moon we’d had since we got to Olturoto, laying in the grass with my host siblings and a few tears between the three of us.

7/28 Andrew
I woke up at a lavish 11:00 today. Apparently thats exactly the time I was suppose tobe at the school to help prepare for the goodbye ceremony! Whoops…

We sat down in a room full of friendly faces and the festivities began. Speeches were given, songs were song (ourgroup performed “Good Riddance” by Green Day) and the last meal to traverse our paletes at Enyoito School was thoroughly enjoyed.

After that, we ceremonially cut a strip of toilet paper ( in lieu of a red ribbon) separating us from the splendor of the toilet house we had lovingly built.

We cheered and clapped while many people took pictures (I forgot my camera). Smiles were smiled, hugs were hugged, and we all went home to good feelings well deserved

7/29 “Saying Goodbye” Andrew
I woke up earlier today than I ever have on this trip, all to catch a flight to Zanzibar. Our family greeted us this morning with a bucket of hot water for a shower and a special breakfast of “chips” ie french fries. We had packed the night before so all we had to do to leave was schlep our bags out the door and begin the sad walk to the meeting point where we would be picked up.

When we got there everyone was embracing someone and things quickly got tearful. Every member of our family was holding back tears while we repeatedly said goodbye, see you later, and how much we loved each other.

Then the bus came, we loaded our stuff on top, and we began our way down the bumpy road again.

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