Nepal Orientation update

We spoke with Daniel and Alissa today, and they reported that the group is already like a family after only a few days! They have done a lot of group building activities and formed a tight bond very quickly.

Today, the group had a wonderful time hiking the 6 hours to explore Namo Buddha. Once they reached the monastery, they were invited inside to sit in the back row behind the monks and listen to the chants. Our local guide/staff Ratna had taught the students about the respectful prostrations and some students even decided to go to the front to participate. In the afternoon, they spent time exploring the grounds of the monastery and got a taste of the monsoon rains they might face on the trek!

The group has been really enjoying the food! Daal with curried veggies and ginger honey lemon tea are two favorites so far. Some of them have already started eating the Nepali way, with your right hand!

This evening, Daniel, Ratna, and Alissa guided the group through a Packing & Hiking 101 course to prepare them for the trek, and they learned about health and safety, how to layer, what to pack, etc. Tomorrow morning, they leave for Dunche where they begin the trek the following day.

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