Final days in Munjiti
After successful completion of a beautiful new classroom, we finished hand-building 12 shiny new desks. Then our final celebration brought many new experiences, such as performing a traditional Luhya dance for the whole community with the students of Munjiti. Then the gift giving began…chickens were given to Laurel and Kate and Sam, and our local contact Jeremiah received a goat! There were many handmade baskets for everyone. The dancing and speeches went on for 4 hours until our final lunch was enjoyed with our mamas. We now have many friends and family in Munjiti. We hope to be able to visit  on one of our weekend excursions during the second part of our program. Tomorrow we head to Uganda for our climb up Mt. Elgon and exploration of many parks and forests. We are very excited for our next big adventure in East Africa!
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