2010 Alum Inspired to Start Non-Profit

While participating in the Global Routes’ Nepal Trip in the summer of 2010, I was inspired by many things. Not only did the dedication of my teammates encourage me to work as hard as I could, but the dedication of the children and the love I received from my host-families made my experience in Nepal truly memorable.

 A day after I returned from Nepal, I had already decided that I was going back. Back to the dedicated children, back to the spider-infested beds, back to the host-families who lovingly took me in as one of their own. Therefore, for my high school project, I created Project Rovi, an organization focused on teaching underprivileged children, in both Hong Kong, and Nepal. I singlehandedly raised a grand total of 7,865.21 US dollars in the one year period of time: enough money to not only take myself and one other person to Nepal for 20 days, but also enough to provide reading and school materials for the Children at the Chahare Shree Dhanapati Mahankal Primary School, as well as a laptop, and monthly school supplies. Moreover, new benches and roofing material are being delivered to the school this winter.

This year, I am in the process of helping my school organize a charity trip to the Chahare school in February, as well as raising money to bring a larger school group there over the summer. Next summer not only would we go to the Chahare village, but one more in the Nuwakot district. I am also in the process of turning Project Rovi into a school club. If you want any more information, please check out my website:, or check out the video I made of the trip:

None of this, however, would have been done if it weren’t for the 2010 Global Routes Nepal Trip. I would like to thank everyone for inspiring me to do this.


Winnona DeSombre.

PS: To the Nepal group, Rovi says hi



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