We received and update from the group today:

They took a mid-homestay excursion to Kathmandu. The group had a great time visiting the buddhist stupa also known as the Monkey Temple. In addition to the abundance of prayer flags and prayers wheels, there were hundreds of monkeys everywhere! In addition to trying to get their hands on the group’s stuff, they generously pooped on the leader (Kim’s) backpack.

For lunch the group went to a place called “The Factory” which pumped out hamburgers and milkshakes that the group went crazy for!  They ended the getaway with a bit of shopping and a trip to the Internet cafe.

The group has hiked back into the community to spend their last week enjoying their host families and finishing up their projects. The walls on the school classrooms are up and there are a few final preparations before the roof goes up. Soon they will add the windows and doors. For the secondary projects, they have finished drawing the world map mural on the side of the school and will start painting it tomorrow. They also painted the rest of the school a lovely mint green color!

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