Weekend excursion and village life

We just had a great conversation with Kai and here is a little update from India!

The group enjoyed a weekend excursion to Sravanabelgola, where they explored Jainism and its history through visiting temples. They climbed up over 600 steps! They also visiting Somnathpur, a Hindu temple more than 700 years old. The group delved into learning about Hunduism and the stories of Vishnu and Ganesh.

This week the worksite was busy! The masonry work is completed and now the carpentry and roofing are being taken care of. The group is working on painting a world mural as well as painting a preschool. They finished planting a kitchen garden and building two compost pits, all very exciting work for the group and the community.

The homestays are going quite while! All the homestay families are excited to have the group and will be sad when everyone leaves in just a few days! This evening everyone was out playing with lots of kids from the community.

More to come soon.

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