First week at the homestay – Kenya 2011

Our arrival at the homestay was a memorable experience. We were welcomed by dozens of children and community leaders singing, dancing, and playing drums as they followed our bus. Then the community started the arrival ceremony which was filled with speeches and dances. It all ended with a great lunch during which we met our homestay families.

Life in Shisango since has been full of great little surprises. We love the fresh food, the tea with fresh milk, the ugali (porridge), and all the amazing food we are served. Both family and community members are very nice to us, and we feel more and more at home each day.

Our project is going fast. We started by building the walls on our first day, and now the whole building is up, including the roof, windows, and doors. We just finished plastering the outside, and tomorrow we resume work by plastering the inside walls. We have also started working on minor projects at the school. We have been teaching English, Science, and Dance classes, and these are a lot of fun because they allow us to interact more with the students at the school.

We now have a little more than a week left at the community, and we will surely take full advantage of it. There are still a couple of secondary projects we plan on working on, besides finishing our building. We return to Shisango today from our weekend trip to the Kakamega Forest, which was also great!

Miss you all!

The Kenya 2011 team!

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