Favorite new foods in India!

A fun list of favorite new treats:

Favorite Indian Food:

Shiva- Mosaru Sakkare (sugar and curds)
Giancarlo- Masala Dosa (a fried rice flour crape filled with spicy
potatoes and lentils
Talia- Gulag Jamun (dough balls fried in sugar syrup)
Yael- Chapati with veggies (fried rice flour crepe with spiced veggies)
Kai- Rava masala does (fried rice flour crepe with spicy potatoes and curry)
Lizzi- Veggie cutlet (a spicy rice and vegetables mix)
Karen- Sambar (curry and veggies)
Elliott- curd (milk and sugar/yogurt)
Juliana- sweet lasse (refreshing yogurt drink)
Kara- jackfruit
Emily- Mangoes (fresh and juicy)
Julie- coconut juice
Olivia- papaya
Zoe- palak paneer (spinach mixed with curry and cheese)

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