Allin Punchay Kuchan!
Allin Púnchay kuchan! That means good day in Quechua, the native Peruvian language. We arrived at our homestay village Munaypata, on Saturday afternoon. We were greeted by a festive welcoming party prepared for us by our homestay families. The group was partnered off and placed with a family. We will be staying with them for the next three weeks while we build the salon comunal (community center).


Every student is excited about their homestay family. Lily and Rebecca live with 3 younger brothers, and a younger sister, as well as another baby brother on the way. Sadie and Kate recently had an adventure looking for their family´s lost sheep, Maria. They live with the president of the community, his wife, and 3 children. Liliana and Eiko claim to have the best food in town. They have banana pancakes for breakfast. Tristan, Brad, and Sage live near the path to Ollantaytambo and went there for dinner with their host family one evening. Emily and Rachel love their little brother, Moisis and love to play soccer together. Jackson and Jonah live with Gloria and Carlos, two of the nicest people in town. Emmy and Connie have a little brother named Samuel, who they love to play ball with. As you can see, our group is having un tiempo increible en Peru. We began constucting our community center this week. We have made some adobe bricks and have been leveling out the area where the building will be constructed.

The ¨Bloggers¨ Liliana, Rebecca, and Emmy

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