Language Lessons

Well how do I begin we have made it to INDIA!! its just as beautiful as I imagine. The colors. The smells. the food. The people. We are in Mysore about to buy all of our friends and family gifts. Yesterday we met maybe the funniest man in India, Mr. Nanjappa. NOT only did he show us to cook great India food with his wife and mother but taught us the difference between the hali and halee. Trust me there is no difference when saying it, but they mean two completely different thing. One means “gently” and the other, well, it means “You, take a poop”. Us grouters don’t want to say this to any stranger. I took a yoga class today and it was so great. the instructor had a prayer with every pose. WE did poses of the water and sun! it was hard work! I have many more stories to tell like me being locked in the bathroom while the rest of the group was meditating, but i should get back to all the great things here!
With lots of love,

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