First week in Kenya

We have been in Kenya for a week, but we have already been able to experience and see a lot. After the arrival in Nairobi after a long flight, we got to Karen Guesthouse, and we were welcomed with snacks and hot tea. On that first night, we focused on getting some rest, and the following morning we headed to the Giraffe and Elephant Centers. It was amazing to see and touch the teenage elephants and feed and kiss the giraffes! Certainly unique experiences! The visit to the animals was followed by watching an African dance performance, and some in our group even danced on stage!

The next morning, we headed out to Mt. Longonot and hiked up to its crater. It was a steep hike and a hard challenge that the group overcame together. The view from above was just spectacular, and the feeling of accomplishment is something we still carry with us. That night we headed to Lake Naivasha campground, where we camped for two nights. Camping was comfortable, and we even took hot showers there!

On the 5th, we did our first safari at Hell’s Gate National Park. We saw zebras, antelopes, giraffes, buffaloes, and many other amazing animals in the wild. All of this in a spectacular environment. The next day we headed to Nakuru National Park for another safari where we saw flamingos, rhinos, pelicans, and tons of other birds. We also got to share our campground at Nakuru with baboons!

We have just arrived in Kakamega, a town about 30 minutes from the village of Shisango, where we will be doing our homestay. We are now buying some last minute supplies and getting ready to meet our families tomorrow. We can’t wait!

We will keep you all posted as we go.

Oh, here are some highlights of the trip so far (picked by our group):

– seeing baboons fight
– the crater at Mt. Longonot
– seeing rhinos fight in the wild
– the food
– tea
– touching elephants
– the game drives
– baby monkeys
– dancing at the cultural show
– Madison kissing a giraffe

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