Lions and…


Elephant at Tarangire National Park.


Wow! We all agreed that our safari exceeeded even our wildest expectations (even the guides and drivers agreed). There are too many animals to list here, but the group has decided it’s most definitely been more than they expected. We saw Lions (even a couple mating which the students got a kick out of), lots of elephants, hippos, giraffes, rhinos, lots of zebras, and a cheetah which we got to see stalk game and chase gazelles. The guides and drivers said we were very lucky to see all the animals we did (many of which are hard to find and see).

The Group


The safari has really brought our group together. We have had lots of time to play games, and get to know each other a lot better. We have all been working at our Swahili and though it is coming along slowly we have prepared and feel confident going into the homestays tomorrow. We will have our last meals in Arusha before we leave for the community. We are all nervous and excited to see what awaits us and begin the next part of our adventure.

We hope this finds you all well, we will be in the community for the next couple weeks, but we’ll be in touch as we can.

Team Tazania ’11

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