Archaeology, Adventure, Agriculture
Deep immersion into the rich history, culture, and tastes of Italy exploring how ancient societies have evolved to address modern social and environmental issues.

Experience a deeper side of Greece. This program is designed open your eyes to the realities of climate change while also learning about and exploring the proactive and life-affirming ways that we can overcome our current and future environmental challenges. “This program is an excellent way to experience Europe in a diverse way, in a manner that would have been impossible for me to do on my own.” -Student

Experience the heart of Western Civilization
Reflect, Reimagine, Transform

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This 3-week summer program is ideal for students in high school, who are looking for a meaningful international experience with a balance of service, experiential learning, cultural immersion, and adventure.


Explore Greek language and culture on the island of Crete, while also learning about traditional agriculture, cooking, and building. We’ll explore the surrounding mountains unique flora and fauna, learn about traditional farming methods and folklore, and meet with archaeologists to learn about this islands fascinating history.  

Explore Athens – the birthplace of democracy and the heart of ancient Greek civilization. While here, meet with local youth to help them practice their English and to learn more about Greek history and culture.  

Spend a few days of island hopping from Mainland Greece to Crete. Greece is known for its many islands, beaches and bright blue sea, most iconically for the picturesque blue and white villages of the Cycladic Island chain.

Our son's experience was transformational. He gained maturity, confidence and a new perspective on global concerns. He even gained a love of hiking in the mountains. We sincerely thank the staff for that experience.
Susanna, Parent
The decision for our family to work with Global Routes was easy. From the initial communication, which prepared our kids well for their experience, to the top-shelf leaders, to the home base communication, everything about the Global Routes program is polished and professional.
Scott, Parent
My leaders inspired me to fall further into the culture and to take real interest in the places we visited and to recognize just how amazing things truly are.
Lily, Student
Program Details
July 19 - August 8, 2023
Starting/Ending Point
Athens, Greece
Learning Goals
History, climate resilience, culture, language, outdoors
Service Hours Earned
Language Requirement
Highs: 80s-90s, Lows: 70s
Group Size
up to 18 Students, 2-3 U.S. Leaders
Spaces Available
Enrolling for 2023
Italian food! Amazingly fresh produce, pasta, and overall deliciousness
Program Fee
International airfare is not included in tuition.
Eco-Lodge, Guest Houses, Camping/Glamping, Hostels

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Your Journey
Days 1 - 5: Orientation in Spetses

After arrival in Athens, travel to the ancient port town of Piraeus and board a ferry headed to Spetses. You’ll have the rare opportunity to dive deep into Greek Island life, immersing yourself in community projects and settling into Greek culture. Here you’ll learn about the diversity of Greek cuisine and begin taking Greek lessons as you build bonds with your group and set intentions for the rest of the program.

Days 6 - 10: Athens

The city of Athena, where you may see 3,000 artifacts through glass sidewalks in the ancient sections of the city. Athens is more than a city, it is a way of life, a feeling. During these days we’ll combine a deep exploration of Greek history and culture while also sharing time and cultural/language exchange with our partner projects.

Days 11-17: Crete

Cross the Aegean Sea, following the storied routes of Mediterranean explorers as you head to the largest and southernost Greek Island, Crete. Deepen your understanding of Greek language and culture, explore the surrounding mountains, deep caverns, azure waters, and learn about traditional farming methods and folklore. You’ll also meet with archaelogists to learn about the fascinating history of these islands, one of the places in the world with the longest lifespans on earth!

18-21: Final Travel across the Greek Isles

Slowly make your way back to Athens, island hopping along the way as you celebrate all you’ve learned and accomplished, setting your intentions for your life post-program!


Over two decades of experience has demonstrated to us that providing financial aid awards increases the diversity of our student body and thus the depth and quality of our programs. Global Routes strives to make our programs accessible to students who otherwise, due to financial reasons, would not have the opportunity to contribute their energy and special gifts to our projects.

We offer aid packages of between 10% and 50% off tuition, which is exclusive of airfare.

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