NDA Team arrives in Tanzania!

From bus to Kinihe

Hi families!!

We are having such a great time in Tanzania!! We have done so many amazing things, and we really wanted to share some of our already incredible experiences with you!


After our 31 hours of traveling, we arrived at the UAACC (United African Alliance Community Center), where we received a warm welcome from all of the awesome kids. We learned a lot about the Tanzanian culture in preparation for our home stays, as well as played and interacted with a lot of the kids that live or go to school in the community center. Everyone in Tanzania so far, especially in the UAACC, has been so welcoming and bright (especially with their English speaking), and we will miss all of the good friends we have made even in the short time that we were there.


Now, as we are traveling to our home stays, the nerves and excitement have filled the bus. Everyone is ready to meet their host families and experience something new. After the long awaited rain last night in the midst of a drought, the local tribes were ecstatic, but the rain also flooded the roadways. It was quite the adventure getting the bus through the water. The Maasai people were very helpful in this endeavor, pushing the bus for us and getting it through the water.


We just stopped for lunch, and saw where we are camping for our safari Thursday night. We are now on the final leg of our journey to the home stays, and could not be more excited!


Can’t wait to share more stories and experiences with you very soon!!


 With Love,

The girls

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