The wild monkeys of Ecuador

After a weekend getaway in Quilotoa the group returned to Mono Loma and has been working hard!


Everyone has been contributing to the service projects with their full energy. The whole group continues to work on the sugar cane processing center. The hole is dug, the walls and stairs are in place, and soon the group will be pouring the cement for the floor. In addition to the main project, smaller groups have been working on other projects including: a pizza oven, painting the school, sorting cans for recycling and trash, teaching English and painting a world map mural! The group even cooked pizza for the whole community upon completion of the pizza oven!

The group has been playing a lot of soccer in the community. Often Mono Loma vs. Global Routes! Also, the group  joined one of the host families and headed into the jungle for a hike a couple days ago. Everyone was surprised and delighted when they saw wild monkeys! They also enjoyed swimming in a local river. The group has been initiating getting to know you activities and most recently came up with 24 questions to ask each other about their respective lives. Then the group asked and shared stories with smaller groups and partners. Now that they are well into their homestays, they are also getting to know their homestay families better too.

Everyone will be working hard over the next few days to wrap up the service projects and make the most of their time in the homestays. Then with a short a layover in Quito, the group will head for final travel to the Galapagos, which everyone is looking forward to!

We do not have photos yet as Mono Loma is a bit too rural for any kind of an internet connection to send photos over! We are looking forward to seeing the groups’ journey in photos when they return, with maybe a few sneak peaks from Quito during their stop over before the Galapagos!


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