Update from Nepal Orientation

Namaste from Nepal!

The group called in this morning (evening their time) to give us a full report on their orientation in Dhulikhel. What an experience they are having. While very busy with orientation, getting to know each other, and prepping for the trek and life in Nepal, the group also has had a chance to explore Dhulikhel and some important sites.

The group has already established some routines, including a morning yoga practice and following their agreed upon Full Value contract written on prayer flags.  Yesterday they enjoyed hiking together, as well as a language lesson from our dear friend and local guide, Ratna. They visited the Kali Temple and Buddah statue, where Emma led a meditation just before a massive rainfall.

Perhaps the biggest highlight so far was the group’s visit to Namo Buddha, the Tibetan monastery. The students were “blown away” by the place. They got to visit the worship room, learn about prostrations, and explore the monastery. The group really impressed Dan and Brooke with their questions and true interest in this experience.

The group with Ratna at Namo Buddha.

The group with Ratna at Namo Buddha.


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