Co-leaders DELLA and ISAAC reflect on education and travel

Meet our incredible and inspiring co-leader team headed to Belize this summer:

DELLA Z DUNCAN is a new leader with Global Routes from San Francisco, California. She has lived abroad in a variety of locations including Belgium, Cuba, Mexico, and Sweden (she is fluent in both Spanish and Swedish!). Her travels have also brought her to Belize, where she had the opportunity to scuba dive and explore one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. She’s looking forward to returning to its rich cultural landscape and gorgeous beaches, this time with a group of Global Routes students!

She wrote to her students in a letter, “I feel most at home in front of groups as a teacher, counselor, or a facilitator because I love to help mentor and empower others to be their best selves. I also think that education should be fun, so I try to play games and do creative activities as much as I can when I work with groups. I am super excited to share some of these games and activities with you all. I also really enjoy practicing mindfulness, which to me means trying to savor and enjoy the present moment as much as I can. I hope to share this skill with you all as well so that we can treasure every moment that we will have together.”

Della Duncan

ISAAC SEGURA, also a new leader, brings a unique but complimentary set of leadership skills to the team. He is currently a chemistry student in Colorado, where he also works as an academic tutor and photographer. Isaac has traveled all over Latin America, volunteering on farms and vineyards, working hard and making connections with locals. When he’s not working on his chemistry homework, you can find him writing, rock climbing, cooking, and biking. He writes about his upcoming trip to Belize: “I see this as an opportunity to travel with purpose, learn from each other, and connect with people from a culture that is not our own.”

Isaac also holds true to the belief that “there is nothing better for personal growth and change than completely immersing yourself in a different cultural and social environment.” Students, we hope you’re as ready as this pair is for the challenging and worthwhile weeks ahead of adventuring, connecting, and exchanging in Belize!

isaac segura


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