Co-leader spotlight: KIM and KELSEY

Here at Global Routes we are proud to present you with our co-leader team for the upcoming trip to Ecuador & Galapagos: Kim and Kelsey!

KIM DAGLEN is a veteran leader with Global Routes who has led trips in Nepal, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. She has also taught English in southern Spain, led a study abroad trip in India, and worked in the Peace Corps in Panama for two years. She holds an MA in Foreign Language and Literature in Spanish and a BA in Environmental Studies with a minor in Women’s Studies. Currently, she teaches college-level Spanish in Idaho, participates in a performing arts troupe, and teaches yoga and hula hoop!

She writes to her soon-to-be students, “For me, it is truly a pleasure to accompany students through the impressive experiences that traveling to a foreign place provides. I recall vividly how my own study abroad semesters in Mexico and in India, as an undergraduate, were particularly eye opening experiences, which is what inspires me to assist others in this manner.”

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KELSEY SMITH is a new leader with Global Routes with a wealth of experiences in education, travel, and leadership. He hails from Southern California, where he works as a tutor, camp counselor, surf instructor, and guitar teacher. He background is in cultural anthropology (he holds a BA from San Francisco State), and his studies + wanderlust have taken him all over Latin America, including Mexico, Costa Rica, and deep into the Peruvian Amazon. In Kelsey’s own words: “Whether in the classroom, in the water, or up on stage, I love to help students discover their full potential.”

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We hope you are as excited as we are to have these two rockstars on board for the summer!

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