Sneak Peak at 2014 Programs!

We are thrilled to announce our new 2014 programs! Now that we have merged with Windsor Mountain Student Travel, we are building on a history of international programming since 1967!

Global Routes is excited to partner with Project WOO (Wave of Optimism) for this new program combing adventure, service, farming and public health.

The program will include extensive travel around Nicaragua’s lush landscapes; from the Northern coffee and tobacco highlands to the tropical dry coastal climate of the Pacific Southwest. At the start of the program, travel north to the Apanas Lakes region, located 80 miles north of Managua Capital city. Here there is a lake at 3,000 feet with mountains rising up to 7000 feet above. During your group’s orientation get to know one another and learn about Finca Java, a sustainable coffee farming initiative.

From there, travel south to Gigante, home base for Project WOO’s community development work. While living in the host community, volunteer along side Project WOO, engaging in their work with a focus on public health issues: learn about their health clinic, healthy gardening and surfing programs. This will also be an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Spanish language learning, as you spend time with your host community conversing and learning about local life.
At the end of the program explore Granada and Isla de Ometepe where you will enjoy the days on the water and hiking and visiting more sustainable farms, including a banana plantation! This program will give you a unique look at where our food comes from and you will meet the farmers and their communities.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is a proud island nation rich with cultural traditions, abundant wildlife, stunning beaches, and the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Park system. Rhythm and music, Caribbean Spanish, breathtaking natural beauty, and delicious traditional cooking make Puerto Rico an exciting first-step international summer travel destination for the adventurous individual.  Enjoy an orientation filled with adventure through the Toro Negro Rainforest: canyoning, hiking and even ziplining! Spend time in Viejo San Juan and Vieques learning about Puerto Rico’s history and snorkeling and kayaking through the Bioluminescent Bay. Volunteer with Las Casas de la Selva, a rainforest enrichment project started more than 25 years ago.  Finally test your balance on a surfboard with Tupi Cabrera, a former group leader, who will have you surfing in no time. This program is full of adventure!

The Grenadines (St. Vincent ad Bequia)
The Caribbean islands are breathtaking: white sand beaches, crystal clear blue water, coral reefs teeming with aquatic life, spectacular natural blowholes, mountaintop views (for those adventurous enough to make the hike!), all framed by idyllic sunrises and sunsets. In this fabulous island setting, the group will engage in hands-on service learning projects focused on cultural exchange and leadership. Guided by experienced trip leaders, our students will take the time to get to know the people of the islands—the children, the teenagers, the adults, and the elders—and then, after learning a bit about island culture, they will design and create two five-day summer camps for local children. These friendship camps are the core of the Grendadines program, and a unique and ideal way to approach the fundamental goals of cultural exchange. You will delve deep in learning about teaching and leadership will have the chance to realize your skills in a real live teaching situation, with children from a completely different cultural background. In addition to facilitating summer camps, explore the diverse landscape of the highlands of St. Vincent and the beaches of Bequia.

Southern Africa
The landscape of Southern Africa is as diverse as its people: desert plains become rolling hills, mountain ranges reach to rocky coastlines. The beautiful faces and voices of the Zulu, Xhosa, Siswati, and Tsonga peoples radiate an exuberance and passion for life that is awe-inspiring. Rising from the State-sanctioned racial segregation and harsh repression of Apartheid, the people of South Africa are on a difficult path. South Africa is bravely attempting to lead the world into the twenty-first century. Join us in an exploration of Southern Africa, travel through South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. Explore game parks and see cheetahs, lions and hippos!. Work on your leadership skills as you and your group prepare and facilitate a day camp for youth who live with HIV and AIDS.  Volunteer at an art workshop working with underprivileged youth. Work side by side with social workers, youth mentors and educators to learn more about the Southern African youth and their lives. At the end the group will embark on an adventure through Kruger National Park. This program involves quite a bit of travel and is for the student looking for a true opportunity to delve into the world of teaching and leadership.

Crossroads America:
Embark on a trip across country, an American dream.  This program will explore America’s diverse landscapes, cultures and people. We will be visiting Appalachia, the Southwest and Northwest and many areas in between. The group will meet various farmers, musicians, and community activists, as we stop and engage with communities to learn more about this vast country.

With a focus on farming, you will get your hands in the dirt as we spend many days assisting farmers of all kinds with work on their land. You could be weeding one day, harvesting another, or even helping at a farmers market. In addition to helping at the farm, the group will be trained to lead healthy nutrition and cooking workshops. Working with the Cookbook Project, the group will facilitate healthy cooking activities for youth groups, learning about their local food culture and working together to find the healthiest options.

Throughout the program the group will collect recipes from across the country, and at the end we will be publishing a Crossroads America cookbook! The group will camp along the way, as well as enjoy hiking, swimming in some of the best watering holes, and exploring the main streets of America.

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