Ecuador Amazon group checks in before Homestay!
We had a chance to check in with David and Molly yesterday and everyone is doing well. The group has really gelled from the start and they are eager to get to Rosa Elvira to begin the homestay and the service project.
And now, hastily written by the intrepid students of Global Routes Ecuador 2013, we present:
BLOG post number one!
Yesterday, we all visited a summer school near our hostel in Otavalo.  We played games with them such as sharks and minnows and red light/green light.  The kids were excited to see us, and we had tons of fun.
(a bit disjointed,  but here we go!)
The sky was the color of rice pudding.  The girls wouldn’t give the guys a heater last night, so the guys asked Dave for one through the roof.  About 30 seconds later, the man upstairs responded by granting the boys’ wish with a heater.  Today we hiked a volcano called Fuya Fuya, that was extremely steep and was difficult to descend.  We were at over 1300 feet in altitude.
The malaria medication is giving people weird, vivid dreams.  We’re leaving Otavalo tomorrow, and we’re all muy triste.
Birthday wishes to:  Jakes and Emma’s uncle, Jacob’s sister, Katie’s cousin, Alexx’s brother.  Oh, and Becki’s half birthday!
from the leaders:
Incredible.  This group is incredible.  They have an isatiable curiousity, tangible compassion, and a lust for adventure!  We’ve danced salsa, climbed volcanos, tried new foods, experimented with weaving, delved deeply into issues surrounding the culture and our project, and of course played hard.  And now, on to the next phase–living within a tiny, rural community, becoming part of their families, and working with them to build a bridge!  We could go into some metaphors with that last one, but we’ll leave it there for now…  Onward to Rosa Elvira!
We love our jobs.
Dave and Molly
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