Settled into Olorien – Tanzania

We had a chance to catch up with the Jessica, Fabio and Mohammed today in Tanzania. The main focus of this week has been adjusting and acclimating to the homestay in Olorien, the group’s host village outside of Arusha.  The group is split into pairs and trios for the homestay. They are learning how to communicate without language and some basic Swahili; the families speak very little English. Nonetheless the students and the host families are enjoying learning about one another. Students are  adjusting to the new lifestyle and exploring the community. One of the highlights, one of the families has a litter of 2 month old puppies! Another highlight for all, the food! The students are frequently enjoying freshly picked papayas and mangoes from the trees just outside their house, as well as delicious curries, fresh fish and many new foods!

On the worksite, the students along with the local community members helping with the project, have completed the four walls and all the divider walls for each toilet stall. The group will let the plaster set while on their weekend excursion to Mt. Meru and when they return they will work on painting the structure.

As the students share their safari experience with the folks they meet in the community, they are learning it was truly a special experience. The group saw more wildlife than most groups. Everyone is still talking about this magnificent experience.

The internet connection is slow, so we do not have many pictures, yet, but we promise to post when we get some!

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