Costa Rica Gap Semester updates!
Written by Sophie Meyer:
We are wrapping up our weekend in Dominical, a beach town south of San Isidro. Being here has been a blast. It’s a very cool spot that is tourist-oriented. The beach stretches on pretty extensively and there are many hotels, restaurants, and stores along the road running parallel to it.
On Saturday, after settling into our hotel, we met up with our surf instructor Debbie at the beach. She grew up in Dominical and had toured with the Costa Rican surf team. After a quick on-land lesson, we each got a board and Debbie and Caleb, her assistant teacher, took us out into the water to give it a try. The water was amazing and we had a lot of fun, breaking only to grab some water, bananas, and freshly cut pineapple. We had such a great time that we took another lesson Sunday morning.
We are heading back to our villages today for a last couple weeks that I have a feeling will fly by. My host family has been thinking of what they really want to do with me before I leave and who else they want me to meet, so I expect it will be busy!
Written by Christine Lifton, Costa Rica Spring 2013.
I experienced one of life´s finer moments today!
Sophie and I were sitting at my kitchen table, reading and drinking coffee (my host mom´s homemade), when my host mom and sister asked if we wanted to go for a walk, the destination we couldn´t decipher. Nevertheless we agreed, and we headed out the door. It didn´t take five minutes into the walk for us to find ourselves completely immersed in a Costa Rican jungle of palm trees and coffee plants. Parakeets by the hundreds chirpped incessantly, particularly taking a liking to the bamboo groves. The sun was just beginning to set; the whole 20 acres was lit up with a hazy orange hue. We wandered and my host mom told me about the farm, which her family owns the entirety of, a piece of land they could sell for millions but continue to hold on to. I was just laughing over the fact that I have been living here for 3 weeks and never knew that there were 20 acres of gorgeous farmland right behind my house, my family never even mentioning it in passing. Anyway it was a pretty decent surprise. I expect I´ll be spending a lot of time there from now on, meandering and reading. Sophie and I are off now to teach an adult class! We can´t wait for more adventures that I´m sure will come with this week.
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