Murchinson Falls

Submitted by Samantha Coulson…

Last week, after a long day of traveling, we arrived at Murchinson Falls – a waterfall with rapids that make you scared standing twenty feet away from the safety fence. When we arrived we were all taken aback by its natural beauty, only to be shown that the terrifying beauty of the falls wasn’t the only beauty Murchinson Falls National Park had to offer.  On our game drives we saw incredible animals that you normally only see in containment. Giraffes, elephants, and hippos were only a few of the amazing animals we saw that Uganda had to offer. We went on a cruise up the Nile river and saw wild crocodiles trying to escape the intense heat of Uganda, hippos relaxing in the shallow water, and many more once in a lifetime scenes. During our adventure in Murchinson Falls we stayed at the Hot Chille Camp, where we made friends with wart hogs and hippos wandering around the campsite. It was an adventurous and exhausting couple of days, but well worth it.

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