Excerpts and Photos from Week 2

Sept 15, 2012
Today we arrived in Emurumba to children singing and dancing. The only way I can describe this moment is surreal.

Sept 16, 2012
Today we went to church with our host families and ate delicious Ugali for dinner.

Sept 17, 2012
Today was our first day on the construction site; we moved bricks from one place to another, made concrete, and danced with the local children on site.

Sept 18, 2012
Today was our second day at the work-site. Its amazing to see how much we have gotten done in only two days.

Sept 19, 2012
The work continued today as we removed the windows from the two school rooms in order to make way for new ones. We also continued erecting the supports for the verandah on the front of the school. We finished work just in time as it began to pour.

Sept 20, 2012
Our bodies are starting to get used to the physical labor we are exerting. We are all working together and the projecct in really coming along .

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