Final days in Costa Rica

Two days ago we left our homestays after 17 days of hard work and lots of new friendships. At the worksite, the main structure was finished: floor, roof, walls, and plastering. The school principal and the foreman plan on having the rest finished by the end of the week. Windows and doors were supposed to be installed the same day we left. And the ceiling was already there waiting to be installed. We felt good about leaving the resources they needed to get the rest of the work done, and the principal promised to send us photos of the finished building. We took off to Playa Uvita leaving behind both smiles and tears, but bringing incredible memories of amazing people and experiences.

These last two days at the beach have served for us to rest, have fun, and reflect. We arrived and headed staright o the beach for an afternoon swim. After a night’s rest, we went back the following morning for an unforgettable surfing lesson. We had a blast, caught tons of waves, fell a lot from our boards, and chilled by the hotel pool in the afternoon to recover from the fun but hard work. Today we spent the morning shopping for souvenirs and then headed to a nearby waterfall – Cascada Pavón. After lunch, our local driver and guide took us to a gorgeous local beach – Playa Arco – where we caught waves, chilled in natural pools, explored caves, and refreshed by a small waterfall that runs off near the beach. Definitely a highlight to our group and a new place for other groups to explore in future trips.
Tomorrow we head back to San Jose for an exciting day rafting and to bring our Costan Rican experience to a closure. We cannot believe this time has gone so fast and that we are almost at the end. While it is true we miss you all and look forward to being back home, we also know we will miss all the new places and people we have been to and connected with in Costa Rica. See you all soon and pura vida!
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