Week 2 in Ecuador

Hola otra vez,

We are writing to you all once again on our last Monday at the home stay.  Our last Monday in San Luis de las Mercedes also happens to be the lovely Alex´s birthday! We are currently celebrating with friends and community members, enjoying delicious cake! It is the third  and last week of construction and we are working hard to finish the comedor.  On the worksite, students are currently working on installing windows, making tables, and planning for the roof installation.  We will also be using some of the money we fundraised to give the comedor running water and electricity!

Speaking of our fundraised money, we have almost finished the mural!  After several days of drawing, painting, and alternating jobs during the work day, one of the classrooms now has a big and beautiful Global Routes logo with our handprints and names.  We are currently working on choosing a quote to write above the tree.  We are also working on painting soccer and baseball fields for the school children.  We have finished both the soccer field and the baseball field and they both look great.

Yesterday, on Sunday, we hosted an American barbeque for the community and our host families.  Before the trip, we were asked to bring one or two recipes from home. Seeing that this hadn´t been put to much use before yesterday, we decided to share our unique creations with everyone in the community. Each student was responsible for one dish each, and we had a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.  Early that morning, all of the students headed with their families to the local market to buy the ingredients and start cooking.  Our yummy dishes included :

chips and guacamole, rice krispie treats and chili –  prepared by Alex & Leah

mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce – prepared by Kirti & Emma & Olivia

pasta primavera, stuffed potato skins, mashed potatoes – prepared by Julia & Olivia

spaghetti al pomodoro – Jacob & Glen

burgers – Jonathan

fresh orange juice – Washington & Mirian!

Vegan Thai curry and rice – Adam

pb+j squares – Matthew

peasant´s pasta (pasta with a creamy tomato sauce with sausage, peas, and parmesan) – Spencer

banana bread, brownie bites – Nicole & Hilary

French toast, and pancakes with real maple syrup! – Catie & Ming

After enjoying our treats, we spent the rest of the afternoon laughing with each other, listening to music, and watching volleyball games.)

A few of us have been under the weather recently, but we are on steady recoveries and are being very supportive of one another as our stomachs are still adjusting to the different bacteria here.  We are all feeling sad to leave our families, but are super PUMPED for our trip to the Galapagos in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.   Adam, our loving leader, has explained that there are 5 rights of passage when visiting a developing country:

          1. Bleed

          2.  Cry

          3.  Laugh

          4.  Vomit

          5.  Diarrhea

We have two races/challenges going on: who has the most, and who has the least.  We will let you know in the last blog, and expect to have multiple winners for both!


Written by Spencer, Nicole, and Leah J

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