Wrapping things up in Mollejones
The time we have been spending with our homestay families has been amazing. We cannot believe that it is almost time to go after a bit more than two weeks here. People here at Mollejones are always nice and generous, and the views we get of the montains and vegetation are stunning. Just yesterday 28 of us – all of our group and some of our homestay family members – spent the day at Manuel Antonio, a national park/beach located about two hours from where we are. The national park, considered one of the prettiest spots in Costa Rica, is just amazing, and the amount of animal life we saw was impressive: sloths and monkeys all over the place. And on top of it all, the few hours we spent at the beach gave us a small taste of our final travel which is about to start in just a couple of days.
At the worksite, things are moving fast. The walls are up and plastered, the roof is ready, and tomorrow we finish the floor. So, we anticipate lots of shoveling, carrying materials in wheelbarrows, and mixing cement! Work crews are also coming over to place the door and windows. Later in the week, another crew will be coming to work on the ceiling. The project is close to being all done, and the little that is left will be finished in just a few days after we leave. Even though we will be continuing our journey through Costa Rica in a couple of days, we are leaving behind all the resources that our friends here at Mollejones will need to finish the classroom still this week.

I guess a good way to sum up where we are at is to say that we are both sad to leave our families (the company, the chats, the interactions, the kids, and the pets) but also excited about what is to come (new places, different food, the beach, and rafting). We wish you all the best and will see you all soon!

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