Azrou update

We spoke with Jeff & Jules today and here’s the latest update…

 We are finishing up the sports court by the school and pouring concrete on one more section at the end of the court between by the school to complete the total job. Two students from the group are building a table and benches where people will be able to sit and watch action on the court or eat. We’re keeping our spirits high with music on the worksite. There was temporary quiet while we searched for new batteries.

 Two students from a local art association have joined our group for several painting projects, including a world map mural on an interior courtyard wall at the school. There are now images of a mountain landscape, a map of Morocco, a textile over a windowsill (kind of a trompe l’oeil), and an ocean scene with a ship.

 On Tuesday the group spent a couple of hours doing initiatives and games, integrating Reddah, a local Moroccan who has been really helping the group. We also continue to play pick-up basketball games fairly regularly, but tonight is a big game against the team from Azrou. We won our last game against a local town.

 We are expecting Ramadan to start soon. It usually just gets announced, so we’re not sure if we’ll be in the village for the first day of Ramadan or not. Friday is the big, final send-off from our host community and then we leave early Saturday morning for final travel.

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