Final Days in the Community

Although summer Saturdays are typically spent lounging in the land of
teenage slumber, our cohort was up and at the worksite by 8 am – We
had a project to finish!  After a brief morning meeting, we split
without hesitation to our various tasks: one group grabbed primer,
brushes and rollers to start painting the freshly constructed restroom
facility; another crew began hauling ceramic tile and sacks of bonding
agent to detail the interior; and an art savvy bunch commenced
bringing their designs to fruition.

The morning moved sans pause and a bright tropical sun rose high.
Three chattering parrots flew above the action and we are continually
impressed by the teamwork and camaraderie exhibited by the group.
Sometimes heat and toil can bring one down, but we joke and dig deeper
into the mix.

White primer soon made way for a brilliant blue and the emblematic
Global Routes tree bloomed in relief on the side of the building.
Concurrently, emerald green tile expanded up the interior walls and
creative signs took form.

By early afternoon, we noted our success and the majority headed back
to the homestay families, while a determined few remained to complete
the final details.

Tomorrow is our final day in San Salvador de Baru – a community we
entered just over a week ago as anxious and excited strangers.  Now we
head into the final celebration as companions in work and friendship.

As the saying goes: Pura Vida.

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