Update from Fez

We spoke with the leaders this afternoon, and they gave us an update on the orientation….

So far, things are going really well! The past few days have been packed full of interesting activities and GREAT food.

A highlight was the cooking class where they were guided through the market to purchase the necessary items. They even saw a chicken being butchered. After buying the food, they helped make the following:

  • Vaaluk: Eggplant with tomato, garlic, and spices grilled and all cooked together.
  • Cucumber salad.
  • Cooked carrots with Moroccan farmers cheese and cumin seed.
  • Chicken tagine with onions and olives.
  • Lamb with dried dates, apricots, and prunes.
  • Cous cous.

In addition to all these wonderful dishes, the group has enjoyed the Moroccan mint tea, especially at breakfast since it is very caffeinated. They also love all the different types of breads for breakfast and slather on the sweet potato jam. The freshly squeezed OJ doesn’t hurt!

Another highlight was going to the market in the medina and doing a scavenger hunt. They had to find the following: a hand of Fatima, a man with green eyes (people from Fez often have green eyes which is very striking against their dark hair and skin), someone originally from Fez, several different types of melons, a dentist, an Internet Café, roses painted on the walls, among other things. This was a great chance to use some of the Darijah (Moroccan Arabic) that they had learned over the course of 2 language classes with an Arabic teacher from the university. When possible, some of the students have also been able to use their French-speaking ability to communicate.

The Riad (hotel) where the group has has been staying is beautiful and should cost much more than it does! The group has also been eating at several other Riads throughout the city, all of which have spectacular food and amazing architecture.


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