Costa Rica host community & teaching updates

Hola!!! It is so good to go and visit the interns in their host communities. It gives me the opportunity to see them in action, not only in the schools, but also in their communities.

Blair is very happy helping in the kindergarten, playing and teaching 2 groups of 3 to 6 year olds. Her independent project will be focused on values and will be displayed in the kindergarten playground in the form of a big mural!

Emma and Emily had their first conversations in English with their 3rd to 5th grade students. They are using a variety of games and songs and it’s working! Their independent projects are focused on “learning through play” by leaving a big box of handmade games for all the students to use in order to continue learning English.

Elana and Allie are really enjoying teaching a few classes for the English teacher that has been absent in addition to their regular classes of 1st graders. They also continue to enjoy playing games with the students during recess. Their independent project is going to be focused on adult education; they will create a book that students and members of the community can use to learn English.

We are all looking forward to this weekend! This is our half point break and we will be going to the beaches of Uvita to enjoy reconnecting with each other through surfing, hikes in the National marine park of Ballena, walks on the beach, discussions in Spanish, and good food!

Pura vida!

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