Wrapping things up

The weekend came at a great time for our group. Both those who chose to come to Kakamega for some group time and also those who chose to remain in the villages and take more time with their families. The group in town (which was 9 students) spent some time wandering the local markets which are stocked with everything from machetes and fried fish caught in Lake Victoria to fruits such as the plentiful mangos at this time of the year, rubber shoes made of recycled tires, and all sorts of amazing hair pieces for both men and women. The group also enjoyed some time pool side at a hotel and some much appreciated french fries and hamburgers. Oh the things we miss about America are oh so American!

The final days of this week, students are finishing their independent projects, including:

  • Starting a chess class for 30 students
  • Painting a mural of the world map
  • Planting trees and painting rocks for landscaping
  • Holding a cultural day (which happened last friday and reportedly was a great success with exchange of Luhya and some American cultural activities)
  • Finishing up creative writing classes designed by the interns themselves
  • Purchasing a computer and printer with the help of the school administration who pitched in for half and also providing volleyball nets
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