Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend

We just spoke with Laurel and she gave us a brief update…

She just finished visiting all the interns in their villages and everyone is doing well! The schools are now in the midst of exams which is a very important time in the life of secondary students. Interns are integrating into this new phase by helping to proctor exams and working on their independent projects. That said, they are excited to take a break and get away for the weekend!

Friday, the group will travel together to the nearby Kakamega rain forest and stay at an ecology education center where they will listen to traditional story tellers and watch some traditional dancers perform. There is also a nursery and a butterfly farm. Saturday morning, they’ll go on a hike into the forest and then head to the village of Munjiti, the group’s first host community. On the way back to Kakamega, the group also plans to stop at the village where Hadley and Brandt live where everyone will participate in a fundraising event for the school. Most schools rely almost solely on government funds but this school has a very ambitious energetic principal who is trying to raise funds in other ways. Saturday night, the group will stay in Kakamega and then return to their villages on Sunday.

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