Our Triumphant Ascent of Mt. Elgon
After climbing over 6000 ft in 2 days, we all reached the moorland summit of Mt. Elgon! The hike up was amazing, beginning in banana farms, coffee plantations, and ascending to jungle then strange moorland with Dr. Seuss-esque bushes, fragrant wildflowers, and mist rising out of the 2.4 million year old crater. The weather was kind to us as we had bright sun these first 2 days. Rain pummeled us on the way down which was actually not so bad, and we were rewarded with a mountain hut to sleep in. Our last few days in Uganda have brought many new sights, sounds, foods and culture, matoke-plantains, sunsets and tea plantations. We are now entering into Kibale National Park to track chimps!
-Team East Africa
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