First days in Kenya!
All the interns arrived safely and survived a late night followed by an early morning the next day as we headed out to enjoy a few of the more scenic areas of Nairobi, including the Elephant and Giraffe parks and the Boma Cultural Center where we witnessed some incredible acrobatics.
Then it was time to head out into the wild! We embarked on our safari through the amazing Rift Valley and began by summiting Mt. Longonot. We were the first Global Routes group to make it all the way! Next, we took a hike into Hells Gate National Park and also explored Nakuru National Park and had a great time spotting zebras, warthog, and giraffes. One highlight was teaming up to protect our camp from the feisty baboons! We were successful! Only one toothbrush was stolen.
Today we made the journey through the beautiful highlands to our new home turf in Kakamega where the group is eager to transition from the comforts of our tourist traveling to our integration into the village of Munjiti!
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