Community reflections

Written by Cristian Bustos:

Although the home stay portion of the trip has dreadfully come to an end I am glad of the memories I will now have. I will never forget my host father and mother who seemed like complete opposites. My father was an outgoing retired war veteran, his character consisted of long rants of military training and his great swimming abilities. On the other hand his wife was more conservative and less outspoken but the thing the both had in common was there friendliness. During my whole home stay with my roommate, Dennis, we became closer after having conversations at the dinner table. Even if we are far away from each other I will always remember his family and the small town of Las Juntas.
Now that we have set sail for this new adventure I am thrilled to enter the Amazon jungle. We are currently in Baños where we will relax and prepare for the three day trip into the Amazon. As of now I am looking forward to seeing the trees and just spending time with my group which I have grown so fond to.Tomorrow is our last day in Baños so I will try to make it worth the time invested in the trip.
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