Final Travel

Written by Sam P. and Corry

The fianl travel portion of the trip has been amazing. We have been reflecting upon our groups time in the community and are bringing closure to our trip as a whole. We are relaxing, reflecting and decompressing in the tranquility of Las Mariposas Hotel in Las Galeras in the Samana Peninsula. The food is amazing, our hosts dogs sweet company, and the beaches are georgous with white sand and turqoise waters. We have been doing evening activities that are designed to provoke us to think more deeply about our experince and put the trip into perspective. As we do some snorkeling today and hold our final ceremony tonight we make the most of what we can in these last days in the Dominican Republic.

Some favorite moments compiled by the group:

* Watching members of our homsetay community play softball in the local baseball stadium

* Running a kids’ camp as a secondary project, during which we made bead necklaces and bracelets and played an enormous game of baseball on a very steep hillside

* Whitewater rafting in thrilling class III rapids thanks to heavy rains!

* Completing the 12 columns that will be the support of the roof when the community center is finished by the people of Atolladera.

* Celebrating our local contact’s birthday with a sleepover party at his family’s home and watching his neighbor’s perform a spirited singing and dancing rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”

* Sharing a wonderful night of eating, dancing, and socializing with the local community at our farewell party

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