Written by Sam R.

The homestay is officially over. While each day might have felt like an eternity, the two week period as a whole passed rapidly. The workdays were exhausting, but our final “Fiesta de Despedida” or Goodbye Party was a fantastic culmination to our stay. Emotions were palpable as we all realized that we may never see members of Atolladera again. However, although tears streamed down the cheeks of the host children, a sense of happiness filled the air, as the succulent food and raucous dancing filled the air with a good vibe. While in the beginning of the homestay, peole were shy, members of Aolladera and students on our trip merged into one . At that moment, we realized we had fulfilled our hopes. Not only had we helped with their “club!”, we had learned, accepted, and integrated ourselves into their families and their cultures. Our sad feelings following our departure are temporary, but we will cherish our memories of Atolladera and our “Fiesta” forever.

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