Maji ya Chai and Mt Meru

Wow, it’s been an amazing ride so far. We are back in Arusha after an beautiful weekend at Mt Meru and a couple of spectacular weeks in Maji ya Chai. We had chance to reflect this past weekend and the students have all agreed that time has been flying by, they are really enjoying themselves, and particularly¬† really are enjoying their homestays and feel like part of the family and community in Maji ya Chai.¬† Students have already expressed how truly close they have become with their homestay families and how hard it will be for them to leave.

Students on their way to Mt. Meru

Students on their way up Mt Meru

This past weekend we had a really great trip to nearby Mt Meru where the entire group hiked to approx. 8500ft and were treated to the most amazing view of the mountains and the surrounding landscape. The view, the food, the animals, and being together as a group was a real treat. We are back in Arusha now for a few errands before we go back to the community this evening (many students are buying food to cook a special meal for their families!).

Tanzania students painting a world map mural

Students hard at work on our world map mural at the school

It’s hard to believe but the work in the community is rapidly winding down. Our bathroom facilities look great and we are now turning some of our attention to secondary projects. This past week we purchased and helped to plant nearly 600 trees for the school, nearly finished our world map mural, and continue to spend time in the classrooms. Tomorrow we are going to visit a nearby orphanage and community center. We are hoping to finish the project (mostly painting remains) early in the week and have some more time to visit nearby orphanages and spend time at the school and with our families before we leave at the end of next week.

The students are really looking forward to spending time on Zanzibar, but have mixed feelings about leaving their families behind. It will be with many tears that we depart Maji ya Chai which has really taken us in and made us feel welcome.

We will be sure to be in touch when we get to Zanzibar, until then…

Asante sana (thank you very much) for reading.

Team Tanzania ’11

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