Si Se Puede!

Hi Everybody,

Today is Tuesday on the second and final week of our homestays in Coralillo. The projectCosta Rica students become a part of the community is going great, the walls are up and the roof is pending. There have been a few rain delays, but we have used them as an opportunity to go into town and on an excursion! Last Saturday we all took the day and went on a nice hike to the coffee co-op as well as a beautiful waterfall. On the way we played assassin (major props to Eric and Simone for using their leader abilities to win the game in a really creative way.)

Sunday was another family day with a range of activities varying from mass in the morning to rodeos in the afternoon. My family (Mariel) made dulces out of raw sugarcane. It was absolutely delicious. Since then we´ve continued making yummy food, and just last night a group of us cooked a huge vegan banana bread (way better than it sounds) it was surprisingly amazing and was easy because of the surplus of rotting bananas in Costa Rica.

Progress of the Costa Rica service projectWith all of the awesome extra money that we raised before the trip, we have had the opportunity to start a secondary project of our choice. We are constructing a soccer net ourselves, to fix our daily issue of the ball rolling down the hill. It´s a very intricate process but after a few difficulties, it´s going well. Today we begin another service project of teaching English. Everyone is very excited to teach today and every other day this week in the afternoons.

As of this moment we are repainting the walls of the two existing classrooms. One of these
Costa Rica students hard at work on the service project walls will be the home of our very own mural later this week. Today is probably the most productive workday we´ve had in the past week between painting, building the soccer net, and making tons of cement to fill the header, so we´ve got to go get back to work.

Adios and Pura Vida,

Mariel Terr and Katie Smilow

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