Who We Are: Global Routes is a pioneer in the field of experiential international education. We have led over 10,000 students on immersive and transformative experiences abroad since 1986. Our primary mission is to facilitate cross-cultural exchange and understanding.  

Free Workshops & Webinars: Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, Global Routes offers both free hands-on on-site workshops and virtual webinars for schools and groups. Through immersive activities, meaningful debriefs, and and personal reflection, participants walk away with critical skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. 

Global Routes Director

Workshops & Webinars Presented by: Adam Aronovitz Global Routes Director and Global Routes leadership staff

About Adam

Director of Global Routes. Educator for 20 years. 14 years with Global Routes. Journeys in more than 80 countries. Has personally led 8 Global Routes Programs. Deeply dedicated to providing meaningful and transformative international experiences for youth and adults through global immersion programs. Here to support the integration of cross-cultural global competencies in and out of the classroom.


Developing Critical Global Competencies to Thrive in the 21st Century and building Cross-Cultural Empathy

Ethical and Purpose-Focused Travel Workshop: Ethical photography, sustainable travel, and cross-cultural respect

(Webinar) Key Factors To Choosing the Right Summer Abroad Program

Spanish Survival Kit: Practice real-world scenarios to gain confidence while traveling abroad *Ideal for Spanish language students

Workshop Benefits

Nurturing Global Awareness Cultivating Compassion Pushing Past Stereotypes & Misconceptions Inspiring Career Paths & Personal Passions Improving Social and Emotional Intelligence Increasing Global Competencies and Self Reliance Enhancing Critical Thinking Improving Complex Problems Solving 


What Our Students & Partners Have to Say... 

"The Minia Maro [cross-cultural empathy] activity was awesome. The debrief of the activities helped my students recognize their own learning and I have seen them apply that new knowledge to new situations in the class." - Leah Boch, Spanish Teacher, White Mountain School, NH

“This program aims to show and educate young people about the power and impact of travel, service, and cultural immersion, and how these can have an influence on their perspective of the world. This program is aiming to encourage kids to get out of their bubbles and challenge themselves; to learn and listen to the stories of other people; and to help communities across the globe - all while helping you gain leadership skills. I knew this was a program I wanted to be a part of.” - Annabelle, Student  

"I went abroad to Ecuador with Global Routes in 2000. Here we are, 19 years later and I'm a physician working in global health development. I don't think I would have headed this direction without the Global Routes experience." - Heather, Alumni Student

"Students were constantly encouraged to step out of their comfort zone. There was a great amount of care put into creating this experience for our students." - Custom Program Partner, New York

"All of the teenagers we have sent with Global Routes on their leadership training trip have walked away with valuable life lessons on communication, resilience, leadership, and teamwork." - Custom Program Partner, Massachusetts

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