Our Mission

To prepare emerging leaders with the tools, skills, and confidence to thrive in our interconnected world through the powerful experiences of immersive, meaningful, and authentic cross-cultural exchange. 

Our Vision

A thriving global community built on a foundation of compassion, respect, and mutual understanding. 

Our Values
The 7 C's

Curiosity – We remain open to see, learn, and experience what is different.

Courage – We step outside of what’s comfortable in order to challenge ourselves and grow.

Community – We see ourselves as members of a global community and we take responsibility for the direct and indirect impact our actions have on others and the planet. 

Compassion – We suspend judgement to and strive to openly appreciate and understand perspectives other than our own.

Creativity – We find joy and exhilaration in thinking outside of the box, playfulness, expressing ourselves, and harnessing our imaginations.

Collaboration – We believe meaningful change occurs most effectively when we work together across national and cultural boundaries.

Connection – We build meaningful and long-lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect by first connecting to our own inner truth. 

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