Himalayan Trekking, Intro to Eastern Philosophy, and Deep Cross-cultural Learning

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Wander through the bazaars, temples and cobblestoned streets of Bhaktapur and Kathmandu.

Trek in the Himalayas to sacred, jewel-like lakes beneath breathtaking peaks while passing through timeless Tibetan villages along the way.

Construct a school, plant trees, and teach English in a rural Nepalese village.

Delve into Nepalese family life and learn the techniques for subsistence on the steep-terraced landscape.

Explore the rich cultural history and architecture of the ancient cities of Bhaktapur and Bodhnath.

“My Global Routes experience was truly life changing. I gained valuable leadership skills and stepped outside of my comfort zone. I ended my trip feeling accomplished and excited to do more with my life, to help others and use my new world view in my everyday life.”
Lily, Student, Nepal
"From beginning to end, my expectations were exceeded. The staff were informative and enthusiastic, inspiring complete confidence to accomplish what I hoped for my daughter. Attention was paid to travel details, communication, and the needs of the individual participants."
Melanie, Parent, Nepal
“Global Routes was a life changing experience that I would recommend to any adventurous, curious person who wants to learn more about different cultures while doing good. I had an amazing time in Nepal! I did things I would never had dreamed of and I loved every day of it.”
Kendall, Student, Nepal
  • Project Coordination
  • Service Placement
  • Food & Housing
  • Booking Airfare
  • Transportation
  • Re-entry Guidance

Focusing the group and laying foundations: 

After your journey from the U.S., you and your group head to a cozy lodge in the quaint heritage town of Bhaktapur, the ‘City of Devotees,’ where temple-studded medieval squares, narrow streets, red-brick houses, and hidden courtyards peppered with temples, greet you at every turn. You’ll meander through ornate 15th-century temples and marvel at the traditional Newari craftsmanship for which this ancient heart of the Malla Kingdom is acclaimed. You’ll enjoy your first cups of chai tea, get to know one another and begin your informal studies of conversational Nepali with Global Routes’ dedicated Nepalese staff. Rising early one morning to hike to a hidden Hindu temple, you begin to prepare your trekking legs and enjoy the sunrise from this ancient Kali Temple.


Feeling fit and inspired, it’s time to head to your homestay community, located in the heart of the fertile Hill’s Region, two hours outside of Kathmandu.

Here you spend time immersed in Nepalese life, working with local community members to construct a school or a much-needed community water tank. Teach English to local children, lead an adult reading seminar, or design a colorful mural to adorn a classroom wall.

Step into the rhythm of rural Nepalese daily life; harvest the season’s bounty with your host mother or tend to your family’s chickens and goats at your host father’s side.

You will arrive in your host community as a guest and depart as family, always in awe of the ability of Nepalis to overcome incredible adversity.


After a final celebration ceremony in your village, you will transition to final travel in the stunning Tibetan Buddhist center of Bodhnath, home to many of Nepal’s Tibetan refugees and the largest and most beautiful Buddhist Stupa on earth (we challenge you to walk around it 108 times during your stay!).

Bodhnath is famed for its colorful and exhilarating sights, sounds, and smells, and for the way it casually blends the modern with the spiritual. Observe a local woman making offerings to the gods along a market walkway, and smile at the paradox of a cow wandering along cobblestone streets.

You’ll then work with your group and leaders to truly digest the life-changing experience you’ve encountered, and learn how to take the tools and lessons you’ve gained back to your home-life.

Program Details
Year Around
Starting/Ending Point
Varies depending on location of partner
Learning Goals
Trekking, Social Justice, Eastern philosophy, leadership, cross-cultural understanding, sustainability, development
Service Hours Earned
Approximately 70-90 hours for a 5-week program
Language Requirement
High 80°F, Low 65°F
Group Size
Spaces Available
Daal Bhat Tarkari, Momos, Chatamari, Aloo Tama, and Chai Tea. Flavorful curries and rice. Vegetarian friendly options available.
Program Fee
Varies depending on group size, length, and scope of program
Roundtrip airfare typically $1,000 – $1,800.
Hotels, guest houses, mountain lodges, local community stays

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